Thank You for your Service!

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Thank you David Wright and Paul Mueller for your service on the Billy Foundation Board of Directors.

David Wright

Paul Mueller

Thank you for your Service, David!!!

Our October Board Meeting was the last day of David’s two-year board term.  David has been helpful in supporting our fundraising efforts with the Sisters in Guerneville.  David’s thoughtful comments during board meetings were always valuable as part of our consensus process in addition to his BESF Committee and other committee work.  The Billy Board and I personally want to wish David well as he moves on to other life interests and thank him for his two years of volunteer service to our beloved Billy Community.

Thank You for your Service Paul!!!  

Paul recently sent a resignation letter to the Billy Board.  I want to take this moment to say how much this board and I appreciate Paul and all that he has done over the years. We support his decision though we would have loved for him to stay longer. Paul has decided it is time to move on to new chapters and new opportunities in his life. Paul’s contributions have been significant and exceptional and will be appreciated forever.  No one has given more time in service to the Billy Board of Directors than Paul.

Paul has served for a total of more than twelve years over three different stretches of time on the Billy Foundation Board of Directors. In his first seven-plus years, he served as Treasurer over two separate periods.

After a hiatus, he returned to the Board over five years ago to step in as President, at a time of great need. He has led the board with focus and commitment guiding the team into being a very effective and cohesive team. Paul stepped down from the role of President in March 2020 and has continued to serve as mentor and to work on fundraising and key writing projects, including revising the bylaws.

The rest of this board has benefited greatly from Paul’s experience, thoughtfulness and heart.  I have personally learned so much over the last five and a half years from Paul and will always consider him to be one of my key life mentors and a dear friend.   Paul always reminded me of when and how he was planting seeds in community and I continue to practice applying this very useful wisdom as often as I can.

With love and deep appreciation,

Robert Zarren

President, Billy Foundation Board of Directors

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