About Our Gatherings

About Our Gatherings pictureBilly Gatherings are a time to relax, renew, make new friends, yak and hug a lot. They are a time for leisurely hikes, great meals and hanging out on the porch side by side. Billy Gatherings are a time to take plenty of deep breaths and dive into the juiciness that happens when powerful men come together with fierce creativity.

Each of our six gatherings has a different theme and personality, ranging in size from about 50 to 150 Billys. All gatherings have Heart Circles, workshops and fun activities coordinated by individual Billys. At gatherings we create the outrageously ridiculous Talent/No Talent show and explore the realm of ritual and mystery. We sit gently together in Heart Circle, revealing our joys, fears and beauty, telling our tales of pain and wonder from the rich and colorful quilt that is woven from our individual lives: laughter and tears guaranteed. Under the guidance of professional chefs we help turn out extraordinary repasts. Who knew chopping onions could be so fun!? Because we believe being really present to one another is a key part of a Billy event, gatherings are not a place for recreational drugs or alcohol.

Join us, we love new Billys! Looking for more? Read more about what some Billys say about attending a Billy gathering. Or contact Kris at the Billy Office.  To get announcements about our upcoming gatherings, sign up for our mailing list.


Our New Year’s gathering is a great time to focus on internal dialogue, plans for the future, and introspection. Expect a rich Talent/No Talent show, juicy heart circles and meaningful ritual. Held December 29, 2020 – January 3, 2021 at St. Dorothy’s Rest. Billys and Billy Kin welcome.


We start the year with our Midwinter retreat. Held at Saratoga Springs, March 4 – March 7, 2021. Billys only.


Traditionally, our May Day gathering is a time for a fabulous May Pole ritual, reconnecting with nature, and celebrating the return of luxurious Spring. Held April 29 – May 3, 2020 at Saratoga Springs. everyone welcome.


Food, frolicking, swimming, and heart space, not necessarily in that order, are the keywords for our most rambunctious and active gathering of the year. And let’s not forget our remarkable Billy Art Show! Held June 29 – July 5, 2020 at Saratoga Springs. Billys only.


Labor Day gathering will be  September 3 – 7, 2020 at Saratoga Springs. Everyone welcome. 


A retreat for trans men and transmasculine people anywhere on the spectrum. Transmission Summer will be August 22-25, 2019. Learn more at geared4transmission.org


Costuming, dancing and expressing our place in the world are happening this Halloween, arguably the most creative gathering we hold, October 28 – November 1, 2020 at Saratoga Springs. Billys only.

Billy: any man – including transmen – who identifies as gay, bisexual, or queer

A New Billy? Here’s what to Expect

Once you’ve registered and made your payment we’ll send you directions to the gathering and a list of things to bring, usually about two weeks before the start of the gathering. The excitement usually begins when deciding what to pack!! If you’ve requested a scholarship we’ll let you know how much you’ll receive soon after the scholarship request deadline. We’ll give you the opportunity to carpool with another Billy—just cuz we like to be nice to the environment—and you’ll be set to get to know other like-minded guys. At the gathering site we’ll ask you to check in and sign up for a couple of service tasks. We’ll assign you a bed or you can choose a place to pitch your tent (season permitting), and we’ll give you a printed roster of all the Billys at the gathering. If you are a new Billy, you’ll probably get a Billy Buddy who will show you the ropes. You’ll definitely get lots of welcoming smiles and hugs. The gathering coordinators will have posted a schedule with each day’s events. It’ll be up to you to pick and choose what you want to do. By the end of the first meal you’ll already have a pretty good idea of what we’re all about.