Labor Day Gathering: Limitless Possibilities

September 3 - 7, 2020
When trying to understand something new we often put bookmarks on it, trying to contain it, often focusing on what it isn’t. Sometimes we get stuck in the past saying things like, “That’s the way it has always been”, or “That is the way it is”. We impose self-limits, holding ourselves back, becoming our own worst critics. What if we could exist in a world without constraints? What liberties would we grant ourselves? What liberties would we demand?

LOVE=STRENGTH Billy Halloween Gathering

If I Can't Dance, it's Not my Revolution! ~ Emma Goldman How do we fortify ourselves during these tumultuous times, right before the election? We harken back to Act Up, meeting despair with a blend of Community, Joy, and Activism. Please join us as . . . We come together in community, settle into our […]


MidWinter Gathering: Envisioning the Possibilities

Envisioning the Possibilities 2021 For the Future of the Billys The Board of Directors invite you to participate in a fun and loving event and to have a say in what directions the Billys will go in our future. Whether you are planning to attend the Gathering or not, the Billy Board of Directors invites […]

Billys of All Cultures Together!

Come experience the diversity at our online May Day gathering As warm weather returns to the Northern Hemisphere, change is in the air. The monotone gray of winter has faded to give way to explosions of color. The trees and the grasses slowly awaken from their long winter’s slumber. Flowers in a thousand colors bloom […]