Get Involved in Community

Eating, swimming and frolicking in the woods are only half the story. What goes on behind every gathering is a community of people offering their vision and talents to create these magical events.

There are so many ways you can get involved:


Fascinated by Kant? Wondering about the best toenail polish? Excited about a new book? Skilled at leading hikes? Have insight into safe sex or hot oil massage? Every gathering is an opportunity us to bring our particular color to the palette in the form of a work- or play-shop – a rather drab name for the kind of magic we somehow manage to create. Speak to a gathering coordinator about your workshop.

Gathering sub-coordinatorsdish cleaning pic

Each gathering has limited but specific support roles you can play, some at home before the gathering. Highly organized types can help arrange rides, coordinate gathering tear-down, or manage dish cleaning or breakfast coffee. Compassionate types can lead heart circles, super-friendly ones can support check-in. Each Talent Show needs a coordinator, rituals doen’t happen by themselves, you get the picture. Speak to a gathering coordinator about your role.

Coordinating a Gathering

Each gathering is put together by a team, typically led by two general gathering coordinators, who all bring their energy to make a unique event each time. For more seasoned Billys we encourage these leadership roles. Where else can you put together a fabulous four-day fete for 50 or 150 fabulous fags? Contact the Billy office for details.

Gathering Council

All gatherings have one guy – a portfolio holder – who is responsible for recruiting two general coordinators and generally shepherding one specific Billy gathering. These portfolio holders form the Gathering Council, and together they mentor and support gathering coordinators and their particular gathering.

Potluck Coordinator

Potlucks are an important place where new folks see and witness what the Billys are all about, as well as for everyone to socialize with friends made at a gathering. We have volunteers who graciously coordinate monthly potlucks in San Francisco, Sonoma county, and bi-monthly in Sacramento. We could use another team to handle the East Bay, or the geographic location where you live. Speak up at a potluck, or contact the Billy office. 

Board of DirectorsBoard2014-named

All Billys are invited to attend and participate in Billy Foundation board meetings. The board sets policy, crunches financial reports, and creates fundraising events, among other activities. So if you’d like to deepen your commitment to the Billy community, contact any board member or the Billy Office.


One of our core values is our constant striving to make Billy events accessible to Billys of all income levels. We also maintain a financial emergency fund for Billys; we also help people with HIV in the Northern Counties where resources are sparse. One terrific way you can get involved is by giving generously. Beside getting good karma points your donation is tax deductible!! Check out the Donate page to make a donation.

Billy Office

Located in Santa Rosa and open M/W/Th 8:30-3:30, the Billy office houses our gathering supplies and part-time resource coordinator. Organizing the Billy “warehouse,” helping filing, picking up/returning gathering stuff, and database management are some of the volunteer work you can do here. Or just stop by to say hello!

Want to get involved in an upcoming gathering or receive more information? Call us at 707.545.1044 or email the Billy office. 

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