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Bruce Thompson

ARRIVED   September 15, 1966
DEPARTED   December 5, 2018

9 Responses to Bruce Thompson

  1. Tammy slade says:

    Dearest cuzzin Bruce. Where has the time gone? I’m so saddened to hear of ur passing. It’s so saddening to know that Uve had struggles along ur road and I’m sorry that we all went out different ways after school. If I’d had known u needed help or a ear to listen I’d had been there… RIP cuz xoxo Tammy (Bell) Slade

  2. J M Rodriguez says:

    Oh, I loved this man! Will miss his wit, knowledge and hearty laugh!

  3. bruce macdonald says:

    So sad to loose a brilliant mind and quick witted man. I enjoyed many conversations with my namesake.

    Bruce aka Three

  4. Dave Hall says:

    Bruce was my sponsor when I first moved to Santa Rosa and got sober. He thought me so many lessons about getting sober, being of service to others, being a sponsor to others, and so much more. I know he had his struggles the last few years and even longer. Now he is at peace. I will remember him fondly for the the amazing gifts he thought me. Rest In Peace Bruce.

  5. L Peter Deutsch says:

    From our few conversations, I remember being struck by Bruce’s integrity and determination. I’m sad he has left us.

  6. David Grossblat says:

    Ezra Tom Cole writes:
    I am deeply saddened by this news… I remember many good times in his company.

  7. David Grossblat says:

    George Bailey writes:
    Bruce is a beautiful guy and a good friend within the Billy Club. Wrapping Bruce with love. Rest in peace my brother

  8. David Grossblat says:

    David Scott Marley writes:
    I’m so sorry to hear this. I didn’t know Bruce very well, but we had a couple of good talks along the way, and I liked and admired him. Thank you for letting us know, Walter.

  9. David Grossblat says:

    J Ume Stockton writes:
    Bunny –
    He had a great power – even in death . . . i will miss him so ~

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