Visit our registration page for the Antidote Gathering here 

You must be registered to attend, 18 years or older.
No alcohol, recreational drugs, weapons, or pets/companion/comfort animals (except ADA-defined service animals).
This gathering is open to All LGBTQIA folk, Radical Faeries, and Billys & Billy Kin.
Even if you don’t identify as one of the Letters, or with a particular group — if you have a Queer sensibility or affinity, Join Us! Fragrance-free please, we love you just the way you smell!

Registration costs $75-$135 per night ($65 for Day Use, for local commuters) and includes great food, overnight accommodations, heart circles and warm hugs.

Registration Deadlines:


Registration CLOSES Sunday, August 19

Registration is not complete until all fees are paid, or you have made arrangements with the Billy office. 

We cannot take registration payments at the gathering. There are no free drop-ins.
Refunds must be requested within two weeks of the close of the gathering. Refunds will be charged a $10 handling fee, and the cost of expenses incurred will be deducted from the refund.

Please read the Billy Gathering Photography policy.